Who we are

Three independent partners. Together a leading law firm in Lucerne.

What you may expect from us

The client-attorney-relationship is based on mutual confidence. You come to see us for matters that are personally or financially important for you. We translate your concerns into practical action. Together with you, we clarify the facts of the matter profoundly. On your legal questions, you receive differentiated responses. This includes a discussion about stronger and weaker points in your position.

What we do

Together we find an accurate and professionally scheduled solution for your needs. Thought through agreements avoid subsequent costs. In conflict situations, we seek for amicable settlements. When a litigation is unavoidable for the enforcement of you claims, we are ready to safeguard your interests consequently against resistance.

Where we work

Lucerne lies at the heart of Switzerland. Despite of its international flair, the town is relatively small. In the very centre of the old town, right on the shore of the lake of Lucerne and the Reuss, you find us in the historical zur Gilgen building.